Wynwood  Rainbow’s End
Born: October 14, 2014
Hips:  OFA GR-118466G28F-VPI
Elbows:  GR-EL38281F28-VPI
Heart:  GR-CA29606/13F/C-NOPI
Eyes: GR-EYE9169/61F-VPI
prcd PRA – Paw Print Genetics Normal
PRA 1 – Paw Print Genetics Normal
PRA 2 – Paw Print Genetics Normal
Ichthyosis – Paw Print Genetics Normal
DM – Paw Print Genetics Normal
NCL – Normal/Clear  GR-CL5-1722/51F-PI
Scarlet is from a long line of Goldens that are near and dear to my heart.  Her lineage goes back to so many of the Goldens from 1970’s and 1980’s   These are the Goldens that were the foundation of Wynwood.   Bardfield Boomer, in Scarlet’s lineage was the top producer of obedience dogs in America and he can still be found in the background of the top obedience Goldens today.    Scarlett lives with my friend Julie and is a loving, devoted family companion.  
   Following are a few more photos of Scarlett