Photos of Wynwood dogs owned by myself and others!
We do not have to wait for Heaven to be surrounded by hope, love and joyfulness.  It is right here on earth and has four legs”

Gravy”, loved by Nicole & Brian, PA

Wynwood’s Snap To It   JH  “Snap”, loved by Pam,  Ann Arbor, MI
Wynwood’s Bear of The Dog    “BEAR”
Loved by Josh & Becca, Washington DC
“Barry”  Loved by Mark & Katie, MI
SHR  Wynwood’s Fetch ‘Um Up  SH, WCX   Loved by Tom & Carol, MI
 Hobey Dock Diving,   Loved by Pam, CT

Wynwood’s Sir Casanova  “Nova”  Loved by Kerry & David, IL

Kiana practicing her Air Dog Dock Diving at 6 months old.   Loved by Gail, NJ
“Kali”  loved by Darcy,  Nashville TN

“Audie”  Loved by Kory & Jeffrey
” I cannot begin to describe the all around wonders of this dog!  She’s full of it.  She’s fun.  She’s smart.  She’s endearing.  She’s cute. She’s a brat.  And more!
Pear x Cutter pup

Olivia & Mylee  – Loved by Trisha & Chris, MI
Snap, MeMe and Stix

“Bella” and her ‘Best Friend’

Wynwoods No Room For Cream  CD  “Java”

Loved and trained by Janet, CA

Another fun game for Mylee and Trisha —  Lure Coursing

MACH Wynwood Keeper of the Stars

Wynwood Bella’s On Parade       ‘Bella’ welcoming the new baby into the family

Loved by Andy & Kendra,  MI

MOTCH Wynwood’s No Stopping Me SH, WCI

Loved, owned and trained by Jackie Hastie, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Wynwood’s Salutations  CGCA  “Sophie”

New AKC Community Canine title

Loved by Pete & Kathleen Davidson,  VA

Wynwood’s Ice Capades  “Caper”  11 yrs old on 1-14-14

Loved and soul mate of Tina Moran

Wynwood’s Strike ‘Em Out Charlie

Charlie retrieving in the ocean at 9 wks and 15 months of age.

Loved by Tommy and Ellen Hunter

Bill & Janice Laidley – Alberta, Canada

(l-r)  Quest, Memphis, Fyre (Sheltie) & Wynwood’s Red Jamboree


(L-R)  Bentley & Barb Jones, Winny & Mary Jane Rougeau, Oak & Karen Claypool

SHR U-CD Wynwood’s  Flying  Circus CD, JH  “Kirby”
Earning ribbons at a UKC Hunt Test
Owned, trained and loved by Karen Porter, WI

“Brandi” – owned, trained and loved by Scott Weaver and family, MI
(GRCA Breed Standard:  Primarily a Hunting Dog)  Good girl Brandi!!

“Mylee” in Agility – Loved, owned and trained by Trisha DeMartino, MI   (Rylee x Clay daughter)
“McEnroe” running in Agility – Loved, trained and owned by Pam Mohr, CT

Rio & Jazz Tomicic

Rio & Jazz, loved, owned & trained by Rose & Pete Tomicic, Alberta, Canada

Wynwood’s Cain Cuvee  – “Cain”  owned and loved by Laura Curry, TX
Cain is out of Rylee x Clay

Traveling partner, “Cali”, owned and loved by Chris Crowl, MI
“Cali” is out of Rylee and Clay

Wynwoods “Buck”- owned and loved by Sarah Hatgas, TN
As of 12/2013 “Buck” is 16 going on 17 yrs old!!!

“Kirby” Porter – Owned and loved by Karen Porter, WI

Out of “Ziva” & “Shag”


Wynwoods Breezy Fall Day  “Breezy”  Owned and Loved by the Abb family, MI
Out of “Reason” and “Rocky”


 “Rocky” and son “Partner” with a dual chop lick.
Wynwoods Bailey ‘working’ at Meadow Ridge Tree Farm, VT
Jackie Hastie and MOTCH Wynwoods No Stopping Me JH   “Stops”
Perfect 200 score in both Open & Utility at same trial!!!
Rio and Rose Tomicic earning their MOTCH
Mika’s 12 birthday  “She is the most wonderful dog in the world”  The Cunningham Family
“Paris” and Sean earning their Can SH
Brandi Weaver earning her WC (Working Certificate)
Brandi is out of Rylee x Ticket
Rocky, Rylee & Ziva
Rocky and Ziva earned their JH at MI Flyways Hunt test 5/23/10


“Dancer”                 “Cheata”                      “Paris” 
National Flyball Champion – 50,000 pts & Iron Dog Award for 10 yrs of competition
Loved and trained by Penny Miller, MD