Wynwood’s Good Samaritan 
Hips:  GR-118011E25F-VPI
Elbows:  GR-EL37866F25-VPI
Heart:  GR-ACA1663/30F-VPI
Eye: GR Eye13536/48F-VPI
prcdPRA: Carrier  (Paw Print Genetics)
PRA 1: Normal (Paw Print Genetics)
PRA 2: Normal (Paw Print Genetics)
DM: Normal (Paw Print Genetics)
Ichthyosis: Normal
NCL5 – Clear GR-CL5-51/50F-PI
Sammy is owned  in retirement, with my friend Patti and lives with Patti and her family as their family companion.  I was fortunate to maintain breeding rights with Sammy to continue producing healthy, long lived, structurally sound Goldens with appropriate loving, temperaments.   Below are a few more photos of Sammy and her “friends”. 
Sammy enjoying Lake Superior
Sammy and her family friend