Wynwood’s Lucky Heads Up  JH, AX, AXJ, NF



Health Clearances
Cardiac Clearance: GR-ACA5536/38F-VPI
Hips:  GR-129359E40F-VPI  Excellent
Elbows:  GR-EL48947F40-VPI  Normal
prcd PRA  Clear by parentage
PRA 1:  Clear by parentage
Ichthyosis:  Carrier
OFA CHIC# 149498


Penny is from a litter bred at Wynwood and born January 10, 2017 out of Copper and Meme.  See above for a link to her pedigree.   True to her pedigree, Penny is full of energy with exceptional work ethic.  Although quiet in the house and devoted to the two children she lives with, Penny is always ready to participate in whatever dog sport her owner, Trisha is involved in.   Penny lives with friend Trisha, and competes in hunt tests, agility and fly ball.  I will be leasing Penny from Trisha in late 2022 for a breeding.  Plans and pedigree research are in the works and final decisions will be made to produce pups with health, longevity, structure, great work ethic for competitions and loving, active family type dogs.  Penny will whelp her puppies and they will be raised at Wynwood

Video of Penny earning her Started Hunting Retriever Title 

(click on the above link to view a video of Penny at a hunt test)