Co-owned with Linda Nichols and Al Strasser, MI

Hips:  GR-127742E26F-VPI – Excellent

Elbows:  GR-EL47306F26-VPI – Normal

Eyes – GR-EYE19984/29F-VPI  – Normal

Heart  – GR-ACA5303/28F-VPI  Echo

OFA CHIC #  148162

prcdPRA – Clear

PR1 – Clear

PRA2- Clear

Ichthyosis – Clear

DM – Clear

NCL – Clear by Parentage

“Nikki” is a litter sister to “Stori” and earned her American and Canadian Junior Hunter titles in 2019.  She is an active, playful girl with a strong prey drive that makes her an avid retriever.  She is a smaller female at 19 inches and 48 pounds.  Although a  bit of a tomboy,  Nikki has a loving, cuddly side, craves attention and is a cooperative member of the co-owner’s, Linda and Al’s family.    Nikki earned her Senior Hunter title in 2021.  Trained and handled by Linda,   Nikki will continue with her Master Hunter training  in 2022 , after pups go to their new homes.