Co-Owners:  Jennifer DuRocher & Renee Schulte
Heart Clearance:  GR-ACA3826/17F-VPI
Eye Clearance:  GR-EYE17125/43F-PI
Hips:  GR-129385E32F-VPI  Excellent
Elbows:  GR-EL48971F32-VPI  Normal
prcdPRA: Normal
PRA 1: Normal
PRA 2: Normal
Ichthyosis: Normal
Degenerative Myelopathy: Normal
NCL 5 – Clear by parentage
Co-Owner Jennifer, did a great job training and trialing Stori to earn her JH (Junior Hunter) title at just 10 months of age.  Jennifer and Stori added a WC (Working Certificate) to her name in August 2019.  Jennifer and Stori are now running in AKC Senior Hunt Tests and HRC Seasoned Hunt Tests to complete both titles soon.  Also, Stori is becoming  very competitive in Agility trials, noted by the many titles she has achieved.  Stori will be bred in the fall of 2020.  Plans and pedigree research are in the works and final decisions will be made to produce pups with health, longevity, structure, great work ethic for competitions and loving, active family type dogs.
7.5 weeks
15 weeks
15  weeks
Mom Kate x Stori  15 wks