The One and Only…….


MH12,  Am-Can QAA,  WCX


Me Me

 March 8, 2013 to August 1, 2023

SR 76894201

Sire:  FC-AFC Glenhaven HTRS MN Baronet MH, OS, FDHF

Dam:  SHR, AG1 Wynwood Joker’s Last Hoorah CDX, SH, WCX

Bred, Owned & Loved by Renee Schulte
Hips: GR-114293G29F-VPI
Elbows: GR-EL34372F29-PI
Eye Clearance:  GR-EYE3446/84F-VPI
Cardiac Clearance: GR-CA27097/20F/C-VPI
prcd PRA  Clear by parentage
PRA 1:  Clear by parentage
Ichthyosis:  Affected
Supercharged and full of energy, MeMe makes every day a fun filled adventure.  Extremely athletic, coordinated, muscular, a strong retriever and fast, MeMe has an enormous work ethic, willing and ready to play any ‘game’ or activity anyone is interested in.  Although quiet in the house, MeMe is always ready for action.
At the Lake Country RC in MN on June 21, 2019, MeMe WON  the Qualifying Stake to earn her QAA title. Then traveling to Canada MeMe WON the Qualifying Stake in Cambridge, Ontario on Sept 22, 2019.
At the Michigan Flyways hunt test on 7/23/17, MeMe earned her Master Hunter (MH) title.     If there were more time in the day she would also make a great agility dog or any other sport one would have in mind.  I am thrilled to have her in my life, she definitely has a knack for keeping me young.
The loss of my MeMe in August of 2023 was a heart wrenching time.   She leaves behind many offspring and grand off spring to carry on her wonderful, fun, silly, talented traits.  Many of them inheriting MeMe’s great ability to truly provide everyone she met with a hug.  MeMe became a life changer for my breeding program.  She provided an invaluable opportunity to ‘update’ the Wynwood style of Goldens and still maintaining the overall trueness to the Wynwood and Golden Retriever Breed Standard.  Many memories left behind to cherish.   See you at the Bridge Me.


MeMe earning a RCM (JAM) at Mountain Valley Qualifying Stake, Canada
Air MeMe 3 years old
MeMe 13 months old
9 Months old

5 1/2 mo old

5 1/2 mo old

5 mo old

4 mo old

14 wks old

12 wks old

Me Me 9 wks old

8wks old

Stix MH   Loved by Tom and Carol, MI

Tom & Stix earning their JH title at 11  months of age

L – R    Snap,  MeMe and Stix

MeMe x Riley Kids

MeMe x Riley Kids