Date of Birth:  10/7/18



Hip Clearance – GR-132026E28F-VPI – Excellent

Elbow Clearance – GR-EL51608F28-VPI  Normal

Heart Clearance – GR-ACA5185/14F-VPI  Normal

Eye Clearance – GR-EYE19985/55F-VPI Normal (2023)

prcd PRA Clear by parentage

PRA 1 Clear by parentage

PRA2 Clear by parentage

Icthyosis  Clear by parentage

DM  Clear by parentage

NCL5 – Clear  GR-CL5-534/3F-NOPI

(Click here for important info on NCL5)

A most exciting time for Wynwood,  celebrating 40 years now in 2018, of breeding Golden Retrievers with the addition of Lilly.   Lilly was conceived from 32 year old frozen semen from Wynwood’s first stud dog, JJ.  You can read about JJ by clicking HERE.    JJ crossed to the Rainbow Bridge in 1991, but before that I took the opportunity to freeze his semen at a canine cryogenic bank in 1986.   Tremendously exciting to not only have a daughter of JJ’s, but to have a grand daughter of my first and foundation Golden Abbey.  Such great old, tried and true genetic lines of the Golden Retriever breed.

Lilly has the sweetness and willingness true to her pedigree.  She is a fun loving, highly intelligent, energetic girl an avid retriever with a constant wagging tail.   On the week end of August 22 & 23, 2020 Lilly passed her fourth Junior Hunter test for her JH title.  In the fall of 2023, with out formal training, Lilly passed her WC, to earn her Working Certificate  and on November 12, 2023 Lilly earned her CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment)

Lilly will be bred in Jan/Feb 2024 to Clipper

Lilly x Clipper  (click on the pedigree link for more info)

I am excited about this breeding as it brings together Wynwood Goldens from the past and current Wynwood Goldens.   All good looking and successful dog sport dogs and intelligent, loving  family companions.  Puppies were born on March 1, 2024.  Six males four females

When Lilly’s puppies were 3 weeks old, Lilly developed a uterine infection and had to be spayed.   A great loss to my breeding program.  So grateful she is still with me and now healthy.


Video of Lilly at a hunt test.  Click HERE

4 years old

2 1/2 years old

Reproduction Veterinarian Dr Schultz, was instrumental in the success of producing 11 puppies from JJ’s

32 year old frozen semen by surgical insemination

11 weeks old