10 months old


PRCD PRA  Clear - Paw Print Genetics
PRA GR 1 Clear - Paw Print Genetics
PRA GR 2  Clear - Paw Print Genetics
Ichthyosis  Clear - Paw Print Genetics
Degenerative Myelopathy  Clear - Paw Print Genetics

Born February 20, 2016
Pedigree Link

Topper is an off spring of Rookie and Copper.  Rookie and my MeMe are litter sisters.  Rookie lives and is owned by Chris Heckel in WI where Chris trains, competes and hunts with Rookie.   It was a wonderful opportunity to acquire a male pup from this background.  A strong genetic line to FC-AFC Glen Haven HTRS MN Baronet  "Bart".    "Bart" was an extraordinary Golden Retriever.  He not only had wonderful, structure, health, intelligence, temperament and talent, he passed these traits on to many of his off spring.  Welcome Topper to the Wynwood family.  Here we go again with another adventure!!!


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